What is the authors main point? What are they arguing?

Academic style : Chicago Manual Read the following excerpt and, after summarizing and responding write your 3 page response. Be sure to put everything in your own words and to clarify what the authors thesis is in your response. When reading scholarship in the field, be sure to critically consider the following points:

1. What is the authors main point? What are they arguing?

2. What evidence/points do they make in support of their main thesis? When writing your response, be sure to consider the following criteria:

1. Clearly state what the authors main point/thesis was.

2. Identify the main points and evidence

3. Demonstrate your ability to synthesize the information by relating how it fits into the state of the field; why is it important?

4. Edit your essay for grammar and syntax. Excerpt: Martin Kemp, “Science and the Poetic Impulse,” Sixteenth-Century Italian Art, Cole ed. (Blackwell, 2006), 94-114

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