what is the rationale for the assignment date falling after the after the end of the academic year?

Assignment Questions

What is the assignment about?

Please check your module handbook for assignment brief and details

Do we need to write an introduction & conclusion?

Due to limited word count we understand a dedicated introduction and conclusion will not be possible. A well informed “WHAT” section setting out what/how your session was facilitated by your mentor should be sufficient for the introduction likewise, a well informed “NOW WHAT” section will be sufficient to demonstrate what you have learnt and how you intend to progress with teaching and learning facilitation in the future.

Do we need to reference the “WHAT” section?

Not necessarily; unless for example, you are discussing an assessment tool/guideline/protocol used by your mentor to teach and assess you during the session

Do I need to teach for this assignment?

No, you will be reflecting on a teaching session facilitated by your mentor, you will however need to also plan a teaching session for the future and consider the best ways of delivering this based on evidence-based literature.

Can I reflect on more than one teaching session facilitated by my mentor and compare them?

No, the assignment is only 1,500 words so this will not be feasible

Can I reflect on a retrospective teaching session facilitated by my mentor?

Yes, this can be past or current

Are we allowed to refer to our mentor as ‘mentor’ or do we have to use practice supervisor?

Yes, mentor is fine as per assignment brief

Does our teaching session have to be on the same skill as our mentors?

Please check the assignment brief for this it says similar to your mentor’s session

Does the teaching session have to be a formal one?

No, we appreciate that teaching levels and quality vary across different department therefore it can be formal or informal providing that the aim is to facilitate some type of learning that is person to you and undertaken by your mentor.

Should all 8 units be included and should we critically analyse all of the teaching elements listed in the assignment tips?
You do not need to include all of the material from the eight units in your assignment but it important to note that the materials in the units do link into each other to support evidence-based teaching/ facilitation skills as a whole.
The list of elements on the assignment brief tips document are specific elements of a teaching session which are included in the units. Given the size of your assignment (1,500 words) it is impossible to critically analyse all these elements and we are not expecting you to achieve this.
We are expecting you to discuss teaching elements but essentially, to critically analyse some crucial elements of your teaching facilitation with your mentor (this should be done in the light of what you have learnt in the units and relevant theory)

1)    Use the assignment brief located in your assignment folder to confirm what needs to go into each section of your assignment where there are clear statements of what needs to be considered for each section (this applies to all fields of nursing)

2)    Check the HAS marking grid in your assignment folder to see how your assignment will be marked against the learning outcomes.

What is the lesson plan for? Can I use my own?

The lesson plan is required to plan a teaching session similar to the one you experienced with your mentor. Please see assignment brief for details and utilise the lesson plan checklist to guide you. Please use the lesson plan available to you on Blackboard and attach this to your essay as one document in your appendix.

How do I refer to my place of work in the essay?

This is not a requirement however if you do want to discuss an area relevant to the teaching session you must keep the name of the Trust anonymous.

Should we reference the lesson plan/ with a separate reference list?

Given the small word count, you will not be able to discuss your lesson plan totally in the “now what” section and should support your lesson plan with theory and keep referring to this in your text as it is a supplementary document. Note that according to the assignment marking grid we will need to see a well-planned lesson plan that is appropriately supported and justified. Please use the main reference list for all references cited in your lesson plan and main assignment text.

The essay is reflective and personal to you therefore 1st person is acceptable and you will not be penalised for this.

You will need to write aim and objectives/learning outcomes for the session you will prepare this includes writing SMART objectives which you may include in your assignment.

Can we use more than 3 learning objectives?

Yes, but do keep focused and ensure you identify how each relates to knowledge, skill and attitude of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Can we talk through the step by step clinical elements to the skill in the lesson plan?

This is up to you and how you decide to format your lesson plan and approach to planning the stages of you teaching and time given to each element. See the lesson plan checklist for guidance

Is there a 10% (+/-) leeway for this assignment?

No: the word count that you should stick to is 1,500

Can I include appendices in my assignment?

Yes, you may include appendices of your choice if they are relevant and complement your assignment. Examples might be the guidelines/policy standards/protocol utilised by your mentor and/or yourself as the assessment tool against which your teaching has been/is to be delivered.

Are the MCQ & Workbook part of the summative assessment to be submitted with the assignment.

No, these documents are purely to facilitate your learnin

We will not be looking at this short 1,500-word assignment however, you will be encouraged to undertake formative peer feedback work e.g. lesson plan feedback with your peers. Once you have done this you can share/ discuss this with your facilitator in the appropriate collaborative session (your facilitator will initiate when this will happen).

What is the pass mark for the assignment?

40% as per standard assignment

What learning outcomes are we been marked against?

The TLAN marking grid is based on the standard HAS assessment guidelines and marking brackets this is available for you to look at in the Assignment folder on Blackboard.

What is my submission date?

When will the results be released?

The standard is approximately 20 days following submission this will be published as usual on Blackboard

Sept 18 query:
Are we covered by the no detriment policy and what is the rationale for the assignment date falling after the after the end of the academic year?

Sept 18 assignment is due on the 3rd of September. The submission date has been set whilst considering a number of factors including  spread of submission dates, for example allowing students sufficiently long to complete the work whilst not impacting on assessments taking place in the next academic year.   UWE has committed to ensuring students will not be disadvantaged by the COVID-19 situation; for your cohort this will include factors such as considering the timing of module runs/academic level. The submission date falling in early September is not a key factor here, the fact that you are taking the module earlier than normal is a key factor and will be a consideration. The no detriment commitment is predominantly considered/actioned at the point of completion of a programme.  The timing and performance of this module will be considered both at the time of marking and when individual student profiles are scrutinised at the point of conferring your award (next summer)..

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