who is a national house builder looking to diversify from traditionally built into the offsite market.

To be used for all types of assessment and provided to students at the start of the module.
Information provided should be compatible with the detail contained in the approved module specification although may contain more information for clarity.
Module title Lean & Offsite Production Management

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• – this work is my own
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Assessment task details and instructions

You are a Construction Management consultant.

Considering the construction of a new build 3 bed, 2 storey semi-detached house advise your client, who is a national house builder looking to diversify from traditionally built into the offsite market, on the following:

(a) Key process differences between an offsite approach and a traditionally constructed dwelling and associated infrastructure / capital requirements. What impact is this likely to have on business operations? (30%)
(b) Risks and health and safety considerations that need to be considered with an offsite approach in comparison with traditional construction. (30%)
(c) Cost and quality implications, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each approach. (40%)

Knowledge and Understanding
1. Critically appraise and streamline design and production programmes through a theoretical understanding of lean principles and their practical application
2. Appreciate the implications of production decisions and design choices with respect to factors such as cost, time, quality, health and safety on site and other environmental factors
3. Undertand the principles and benefits of pre-fabrication and offsite manufacturing

Practical, Professional or Subject Specific Skills
1. Understand the potential impact of prefabrication and offsite manufacturing on site productivity, performance and waste generation
2. Conduct in-depth research investigation in a chosen subject area
3. Analyse and synthesise a body of knowledge arising from a research investigation

Transferable Skills and other Attributes
1. Use a variety of techniques to research issues
2. Analyse information in a variety of ways
3. Arrive at logical conclusions based on the evidence available
4. Write a substantial and coherent document
Module Aims

1. To understand the role and responsibilities of the production manager in the context of the UK construction industry;
2. To develop knowledge and understanding of the key organisational management principles and issues involved in lean theory and its applications in design, production and operations;
3. To demonstrate how risk management processes apply to production management practice;
4. To evaluate current and future production processes and methods by which the production manager can control resource efficiency, quality, safety and environment;
5. To develop knowledge and understanding of the implementation of offsite construction for efficient and effective delivery of construction projects.

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