Write a problem-solution paper of 750-850 words on Student Loan Debt.

Problem-Solution Paper

Topic- Student Loan Debts
While you are currently working on your Classical Argument Position Paper, please note that you will have a second paper to work on for Module 8 & 9. This is a heads up for you so you can plan your time accordingly. Please see the detailed instructions below.
Paper Assignment Information
This assignment requires you to write a problem-solution paper.
There are five requirements for the Problem-Solution paper:
1. Write a problem-solution paper of 750-850 words.
2. Include a title page, abstract, headers, and page numbers in correct APA format.
3. Cite at least four different sources in your paper.
4. Use the following organization for your paper:
a. Introduce the problem with a hook.
b. Clearly state the problem in your thesis statement.
c. Define the problem.
d. Explain why the problem needs solving.
e. Detail potential solutions.
f. Select the “best” solution.
g. Refute possible objections.
h. Close with a call to action.
5. Use appropriate APA style documentation for in-text citations and a separate references list at the end of the paper.
Please do not write about the following topics for either essay [or assignment in class]:
• Climate Change
• Gun Control
• Death Penalty
• Abortion
• Evolution/Creationism/Intelligent Design
• Immigration
• Obesity
• Colonizing Mars

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