We offer the following reviews:

Book review: here we provide the background to what the book is about, but we do not spoil it for readers as we do not discuss or explain the plot. You will get an excellent quality review when ordering your original book review with us.

Literature review: we can complete these orders as unilateral reviews or as part of a broader analysis, for example, part of a thesis or dissertation work. Literature analyses are always used to give context to the subject matter, and as such, are composed based on the information obtained from the scan of the works of other scholars that already appear in print concerning the topic. The crucial skills that our writers display in these assignments are their ability to summarize what they have read in a coherent and relevant piece of work.

Movie reviews: this review is much more similar to a book review as it gives information but does not give away the plot. Our writers watch the movie that you send their links to us online and research what other scholars have said about the film. This enables them to offer different viewpoints and provide in debt explanations to parts of the movie more than other writers you can ever get from other custom writing companies does. It also assists our writers to understand the way the actors work and the views the director wants to put across.

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