Aboriginal discrimination and mental health.

You are required to develop a thesis (an argument). This will require you to locate, digest and apply a significant amount of authoritative and relevant scholarship. Only list items in your bibliography that you have actually read and cited in your paper. An analytical voice must be present in the paper, this must you must show reasoned judgements, not merely provide descriptions of other views.

Students will revise their graded Research Proposal and then write the Major Research thesis paper. Read the comments and the graded rubric on the research proposal (will be uploaded) to get a direction of where the research was going and then refine and enhance accordingly for the Major Research Thesis. Uploaded will be examples of model thesis papers.

Students are required to submit a 6,000 word Major Research Thesis (maximum total length inclusive of footnotes, bibliography, tables, figures and appendices) with references in accordance with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation 3 (AGLC3). Students must apply their research skills and understanding of legal research methodologies to execute a research project to address a contemporary challenge in legal governance, from either a domestic or international perspective.

Make sure to look through uploads to help you understand the context of the Legal Major Research Thesis and make sure that the research thesis complies with the High distinction portion of the rubric. You can alter the question around in order to meet the requirements as long as it is still talking about Aboriginal discrimination and mental health. Make sure to use sources from the Research Proposal if relevant.

Special Request for One page summary add on:
In one page summary add on to order, make sure it includes reference to key issues, arguments, recommendations, why topic is relevant, and authors that will be included in the Major Research Thesis. Most importantly make sure you tell which legal research methodology you used, why, and how.

Terry Hutchinson, Researching and Writing in Law (Thomson Reuters, 4th ed 2017) ch 4 (additional legal research frameworks) and ch 6 (social science methodologies for lawyers).

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