Analyze My Favorite Margin’s current situation. What are the bookstore’s strengths and weaknesses?

In this Project, you will write a memo to your boss, Page Turner. Follow the steps below to prepare for drafting the memo.
1. Read Information to Consider in the Project resources, which provides different types of information regarding the bookshop’s customers, employees and competitors. Take notes on the issues you think are most important.
2. Using the Information to Consider document and your corresponding notes, analyze My Favorite Margin’s current situation. What are the bookstore’s strengths and weaknesses? Who are its customers? Who are its competitors? See the Project resources for information on conducting a strategic analysis.
3. Brainstorm all the possible solutions you can think of. Make sure your solutions are specific and feasible. Remember, you don’t have the money of the big chain bookstores, so you’ll need to prioritize.
4. In your notes, flesh out the details of the top three solutions that you think you will present in your memo. Note the advantages and drawbacks associated with each solution.
5. Once you have analyzed the top three solutions, decide which one is best.
Finally, write your memo to Ms. Turner. The memo should:
• briefly explain the bookstore’s current situation and analyze the information given.
• describe at least three feasible solutions.
• give your final recommendation and justify it based on what you learned from the Information to Consider resource.
• be written in standard format (see Business Memo Purpose and Format resource in the Project resources).
• use appropriate language for its purpose (see Audience and Purpose resource in the Project resources).
• be free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

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