API : Connecting the Application to Live Data

Connecting the Application to Live Data

You and your team of software development contractors are ready to finalize your Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application.
Complete your Learning Team assignment by adding the capability to make the necessary API calls using REST in your program.
Each team member should be contributing to the construction of the code and reviewing the code and design. Each team member is responsible for knowing how to build, debug, and run the program.
Zip your Visual Studio® solution project folder so it can be submitted for grading. In Visual Studio®, you can locate the folder with your solution by left clicking on the solution node in the Solution Explorer. Look at the Properties window to find the folder name in the Path property. Locate this folder in File Explorer and zip the folder.
Note: Each week’s Learning Team assignment will help you complete your Week Five Individual Assignment.
Submit your ZIP file using the Assignment Files tab.

This list it’s the classes I saw one by week

1)Learning Team: Designing and Planning the Learning Team Project
2)Learning Team: Class Design, Construction, and Testing
3)Learning Team: Implement the Initial User Interface

This is the assignment you will done. Thanks
4)Learning Team: Connecting the Application to Live Data
All information you need to work on this paper please open the files you will see examples in how you have to use API also the assignments did during the week.

Covaci, T., O’Brien, G., Stephens, R., & Varallo, V. (2013). MCSD certification toolkit (Exam 70-483): Programming in C# (1st ed.). Indianapolis, Indiana: John Wiley & Sons.
Sharp, J. (2016). Microsoft Visual C# step by step (8th ed.). Redmond, Washington: Microsoft Press.

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