Are personality traits inherited? What are the strengths and limitations of the research evidence?

Are personality traits inherited? What are the strengths and limitations of the research evidence

Benjamin, J., Ebstein, R. P., & Lesch, K. P. (1998). Genes for personality traits: Implications for psychopathology. The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 1(2), 153-168.

Mann, T. L. (1993). A failure of nonshared environmental factors in predicting sibling personality differences. The Journal of Psychology, 127(1), 79-87.

Sternberg, R. J., Grigorenko, E. L., & Kidd, K. K. (2005). Intelligence, race, and genetics. American Psychologist, 60(1), 46-59.

Thapar, A., & McGuffin, P. (1993). Is personality disorder inherited? An overview of the evidence. Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment, 15(4), 325-345.


>Include  a concise statement of the purpose and structure of the paper as well as the specific research question to be answered.
>A  rationale or background statement, which includes either the purpose or the structure.
Body: Review and Integration of Literature >References four relevant and current primary sources ( see some references above).  Discuss the research question  addressed in a balanced perspective, and in some depth in an integrated presentation. The articles selected should be appropriate and research-based.
Body: Critical


Integrated discussion of the research question, based on the sources reviewed and the student’s own analysis.
Conclusion Complete, concise summary of the structure and/or points made in the report.
Complete, but wordy summary.
Very brief summary with little connection to stated purpose in the introduction.
Unclear or illogical summary or statement of conclusions.
No summary.
APA Style Consistent use of APA style (6th ed.) in title pages.
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