Be specific about the social media posts and advertisements that impacted your choice. How would you define Health literacy in your own words?

Health literacy

1. How would you define Health literacy in your own words?

How does your definition of health literacy compare to the one put forth in the Learning Resources? (2 paragraphs)

2. Locate a current (within 5 years) article that deals with health literacy and consumer behavior that is different from those offered in the Learning Resources.
• Provide a summary of the article that you selected.
• How does your perspective on health literacy apply to the article’s findings?

3. Go to the following site, and complete the Short Assessment of Health Literacy to determine your personal level of health literacy:

• Summarize, and analyze the results of your assessment.

Were the results what you expected? Explain.
• How does your level of health literacy impact the health-related choices that you make?

Give at least one specific example.

4. The average person is exposed to between 4000 and 5000 advertisements every day.

Whether we realize it or not, advertisements impact the way that we live our lives.

In addition, advertisements, as well as social media posts, impact our health choices and behaviors.

Describe one experience when social media or advertising impacted a personal health-related choice.

Be specific about the social media posts and Advertisements that impacted your choice.

Would you have made the same choices if you were not exposed to social media or advertising? Explain.

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