Business Communication Training: Collect information on training courses and costs.

Persuasive Message—Business Communication Training

You are the Pacific Northwest Regional Manager at VyEco Technologies, a mid-sized technology company with headquarters in Boston, MA. You have noted that several colleagues in your regional office struggle with professional business communication and you believe that their lack of professionalism is costing the company valuable business.
You decide to personally mentor two of your fellow team members in professional business communication, measuring sales results before and after your intervention. After one month, each team member’s sales increases by 10%. You cannot allocate enough time to personally mentor everyone in the office, but you believe that you might be able to convince the National Manager of VyEco Technologies to provide funding to formally train 15 additional employees at your regional office.
You also know that the National Manager, Daniel Applebottom, will expect a price estimate and reasonable assurance that the money spent on training will produce tangible benefits. In order to be persuasive, your first step is to collect information on training courses and costs. You visit the website of credible training organizations, including the American Management Association (AMA) ( You select an appropriate course and research the training costs for 15 people. Once you determine the amount you must request for training, you write a logical, yet persuasive message to Mr. Applebottom.
You know that Mr. Applebottom is busy launching a new product and the budget is tight, but you firmly believe that if your colleagues were better trained in business communication, measurable benefits would be obtained.
Your assignment: Use the AIDA model, and provide a persuasive argument to convince the National Manager to allocate the necessary funding to train 15 employees in business communication at your regional office.
Write an email or a block style letter with your request. You should address your correspondence to Daniel Applebottom, the National Manager at VyEco Technologies. His email is and his mailing address is 3486 Gobbler Avenue, Boston, MA, 02051.
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