How would the price equation apply to the purchase price of (a) gasoline, (b) an airline ticket, and (c) a checking account?

Submit your responses to these questions in one WORD document. List the question first, and then your response. Your response must adequately cover the question without being wordy or relying on “yes” or “no” responses. APA format 7/e Answer these 8 Questions What methods would you suggest to assess the potential commercial success of the […]

Critically discuss what culinary tourism is and how it links to cultural tourism, why it is important and its holistic benefits.

You are required to write an essay of a to maximum of 3,000 words, excluding the reference list, which incorporates theory from academic sources to answer your choice of ONEof the following essay questions. This will assess all module learning outcomes 1.Using examples, critically discuss globalisation and the key underpinning aspects of homogenisation and heterogenisation […]

Define and explain the concept of brand activation and briefly outline the different approaches to brand activation

Description Communications and Digital Marketing You are provided with 3 questions out of which you are required to answer Three questions only in essay format. Each question has equal weighting. Word count per each essay question 1500 + 10%. You need to support your answers to each chosen question with appropriate credible referenced sources. Your […]

Identification of Responsible Marketing objectives and relevant target segment

As an introduction to the report you should provide a brief re-cap/summary of the new product/brand which you delivered during the presentations, why this can be considered as a solution to a sustainability challenge, and discuss and justify (if applicable) any amendments which you would/could make to the original proposal for the product/service. Subsequently, using […]

Describe your hypothetical company, its location, the product it makes or the service it provides, and introduce the contents of your marketing plan.

For this assignment, you will document your hypothetical company’s background information and mission statement, your company’s short-term and long-term goals, an environmental analysis, and a SWOT analysis. Note: You should make all assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment. Instructions Create the first part of your marketing plan in 8–12 pages: Write an introduction […]

Identify and evaluate factors in its performance which may influence the shared but also different perceptions of two different stakeholder groups: investors and employees.

CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS Time constrained assignment (TCA) Questions are based on Netflix case study Based on your reading of the case study on Netflix and from your wider research of the organisation and its internal and external environment, you have to answer TWO questions, from the choice of four questions below. Each answer does not need […]

ESSAY IN ECONOMIC ANALYSIS IDue date:11th/ January / 2021.Word upper limit: 2000wordsESSAY TOPICIncentives,Short-termism &Investment decisions Exchange students can write up to 1000 words more .One of the most fundamental concerns with corporations is that they focus on short-term profit rather than investing for the long-term. This is a particular concern in the 21st century, where […]

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