Discuss how to most accurately make measurements of amplitude and period from an oscilloscope

What is the difference between adjusting the volts/div dial on the oscilloscope and adjusting the amplitude on the function generator (they both appear to stretch or compress the displayed waveform vertically)? Adjusting the volts/div dial on the oscilloscope: changes the movements of the sine waves (but not noticeable) Adjusting the amplitude on the function generator: […]

Develop a floor plan doors, walls,shields,booths,equipment etc

Develop a floor plan and radiation safety/protection rules in form of instructions and guidelines for room where ionizing radiation is used for medical purposes. The type of equipment to be used to develop the floor plan is using a PET saner, for example in the hospital. This report must be from a Physics perspective.

Describe the individual and integrated physiological responses and adaptations to acute exercise.

EXSC225 Laboratory Report 1 – Guidelines Introduction For assessment 1, you are required to write a two-page report using the data provided to you on LEO. The aims of this assessment are to: provide you the opportunity for learning a fundamental principle used by Exercise Scientists and to demonstrate what you have learnt. introduce you […]

Estimate the numerical values closed-loop voltage gain for very low frequencies and very high frequencies

Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering IIT GuwahatiEE206 Analog Maximum Marks: 10 Answer Submission MoodleEE 206 Class, keeping the file size less than 1 MB. Your file name should be your_roll_number_HA5(for example, 100102001_HA5.pdf). Problem 1The gm1= gm2= 120 μS. Assume R1= R2= R3= 1 K . C1= 100 pF and neglect all other capacitors. Channel […]

What risks might there be to Calibrated of expanding output rather than reducing demand through a price increase.

Calibrated Manufacturing” Case Assignment Calibrated manufacturing makes an electronic component that is in great demand.  The component sells for $20 each.  Calibrated’s current capacity is 10,000 units per week.  For the last few months, however, the company has been receiving new orders at a rate of 14,000 units per week, and now has a substantial […]

How does the measured value compare with the expected value? Answer this question by calculating the percent error. Given the results of your experiment, what can you say about the relationship between fluid density and fluid pressure?

Part 1. Select the first setting with a single pool. Empty the pool completely. Make sure that the units are in Metric. Do not touch the Fluid Density or Gravity values. Using the Ruler or Grid feature, measure the height of the pool, . Take the pressure gauge and place it at the top of […]

Explain the difference between velocity and acceleration. You must include suitable drawings and/or diagrams within your response.

You are required to write an illustrated report which includes the sections outlined below. SECTION ONE – the connection between force and motion • Explain the difference between velocity and acceleration. You must include suitable drawings and/or diagrams within your response. • Explain Newton’s Laws of Motion and discuss the implications, giving appropriate examples to […]

At what distance would the object have to be placed from the lens to achieve this?

Section A(ShortAnswers)[10]➢ For each question below,o state what equation you are using for the first mark an do show how the data is inserted into the equation along with the final answer for the second mark .A1.Two forces of 8 N and 15 N act at right angles to each other. Calculate the magnitude of […]

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