Chapter 4 critical thinking question and case study: What would be reasonable actions for the nurse practitioner to take?

Read case study and answer questions. book should be one of the sources used found on page 159

Cases study
Widowed 78-year-old Mrs. Knight lives in the house she was raised in and in which she raised her own family. Her 56-year-old unemployed son lives with her, and a daughter lives in a neighboring state. Despite her independence, Mrs. Knight is a cause of concern for her daughter who believes her brother is taking advantage of their mother. The daughter has suggested to Mrs. Knight that she move in with her. Mrs.
Knight has refused, stating that her son “just couldn’t make it on his own.” The daughter shares her concerns with the nurse practitioner who works in the practice that manages Mrs. Knight’s care.

Questions :

1.What would be reasonable actions for the nurse practitioner to take?

2. How will the life experiences of today’s 30-year-old woman affect her ability to adapt to old age?

3. What factors will enable her to cope moreor less as well than her grandmother’s generation of women?

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