Child development: Discuss humanity whether is it geography, biology, ecology, geology, astronomy, health, psychology, physiology, cosmetology, art, or anything else.

There are many reasons why we have a broad choice of different programs. They deal with humanity, whether is it geography, biology, ecology, geology, astronomy, health, psychology, physiology, cosmetology, art, or anything else. All of the programs either study how we affect the surrounding world, or how it affects us.  Our personal believes, values, and interests drive our passions for a specific branch of studies. I enjoy working with children the most. Formatting a child into a decent honorable human with dignity and values is a big job and that job needs to start at birth. When I was young, I wanted to get a degree in early childhood education because I thought that even if I choose not to become a teacher, I would be a mother. To me, parenting goes hand in hand with education. Unfortunately for me, I never got go to college when I was young… but I had my 6 sons. I strongly believe that my job of raising them would have been easier had I been more knowledgeable about child development. But where I lacked the skills – there were caregivers and teachers!
What appeals to me about the early childhood education program is that it incorporates knowledge on child development. Child development is the manner in which a child grows physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally. Therefore, early childhood education is an important guide to nurturing a child in a proper way during the first years and future health and development. The first few years of a child’s life are mostly spent with family. Ultimately, the family of a child influences the development path the child follows. The family plays a role in early childhood development in various ways. First of all, parents and caregivers are responsible for the dietary intake of the child which is a vital factor in development. Secondly, family members nurture emotional growth by showing sensitivity and warmth to the child. Additionally, parents and caregivers ignite the imagination of a child through books and talking to them thus fueling the mental health of the child (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2017.) Finally, family members lay foundations on the child’s development pathway in terms of healthy habits, choices, work ethics, values, attitudes, etc.
I think that parents and caregivers are interchangeable. In modern society, many parents work and rely heavily on the caregivers. In most cases, children spend more time with daycare teachers, caregivers, or sitters than with their parents. Thus, it is crucial that caregivers provide adequate and appropriate developmental program and care. The factors (in or out of a child home) that contribute to the healthy development of a child include strong mental health, healthy brain development, social-emotional growth, and appropriate practices that create a healthy environment for the child to learn. Strong mental health entails the fitness of a child to reason in various circumstances such as when faced with dilemmas. Parents and caregivers who build on the mental health of the child impact the good performance of the child in school, community, and at home. Healthy brain development influences the success chances of the child in future in various life aspects such as education and health (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2017; Center on the Developing Child, 2013)
Just to summarize why I chose to be an early childhood educator, I would like to emphasize that it is important to give children healthy starts in life in order to yield good health and development in the future. Family members, caretakers, early childhood teacher, and everyone in a child’s life play a great role in his or her development as they influence the physical, mental, social, and emotional environment in which the child grows.
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I chose Adaptive P.E. teacher to further research. I also interviewed and Adaptive P.E. Teacher last week. As an adaptive P.E. teacher, I would work with children to achieve physical goals as well as social goals such as following the rules of a game. According to the pamphlet provided by the Personnel Improvement Center, I need some more education potentially. Most adaptive physical education teachers major in physical education and minor in adaptive physical education. However, in some schools and states I could be a physical education with my B.S.C.D. and would only need to take the supplemental graduate classes to be a certified APT.
I believe physical activity is essential to life and the education process. Many behavior issues can be solved through physical activity, there are numerous connections between movement and learning and playing is one of the best ways to develop social and emotional skills. I like to support the movement and learning connection.  As a substitute teacher, I always loved subbing for P.E. and I am a certified yoga instructor with a special yoga kids certification as well. I may not be too into typical P.E. things such as basketball, but I can learn the rules of the game and encourage and assist children in playing the game.
I chose to go with the B.S. because I was less interested in teaching which is typical of an arts degree. However, I quickly learned that the course work is quite similar. I wanted to learn more about the scientific side of how children develop and the stages and ages as well as potential disabilities and how to best support children with disabilities. While my education may not have been what I was hoping or imagining, it still opens many doors and offers more opportunities than if I did not have my degree.
Personnel Improvement Center: Career Development
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