Choose a character played by an actor in either film, television, or theater and use the terms coined by sociologist Irving Hoffman to analyze their performance.

This week, we will consider dramatically, how a performance has structure that is real or lifelike.

Choose a character played by an actor in either film, television, or theater and use the terms coined by sociologist Irving Hoffman to analyze their performance.

Impression Management;
Setting – the physical space and props used to reinforce a role
Appearance – the physical attributes of an actor, such as clothing, body type and presentation, and ethnicity.
Manner – methods of interaction such as body language, hand gestures, and facial expressions
Also consider any other terms from this unit’s materials in your discussion, including Dramatically, Zeitgeist, Three-Act Structure, and the Three Qualities of Performance.

Three Qualities of Performance: 1) Display of skill, 2) Culturally coded patterns of behavior, 3) Success within a standard of achievement.

Include a link to a video of the performance, or a still image with a description of the performance.

For example, in the movie Scarface, Al Pacino plays a character named Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee in Miami. Early in the movie, he plays a dishwasher. His character demonstrates culturally coded patterns of behavior, in showing the frustrations of a refugee working a low paying job in the states. The setting of the restaurant kitchen and the appearance of his dirty work apron reinforce the character’s role. However, his manner does not coincide with that of a lowly dishwasher, to show that he has ambition and sees himself as better than that. This scene would coincide with Act One of the Three Act Structure, the exposition or introduction of the character.

Another example In the TV show called “Demigod Timon”(intimate enemy). Maria led Carmen Felix is the name of the actress that represents the character named La puma which is a female criminal at the jail in Cicada Juarez. This film is about the fight of police officers against the drug cartels in everyday life. La Puma is a very important character who shows culturally coded patterns of behavior in the way that she uses street language. Her role in the movie is to protect one of the important people in a particular drug cartel. Her “dangerous” appearance reinforces the dangerous person that she is. This is a great example of Dramatically because the film is so convincing that it makes me feel that Juarez, Mexico is as dangerous as they make it seem in the film. This films Zeitgeist can be defined as modern time because during the story of the film many names of current presidents or important politicians have been mentioned. This picture corresponds to the introduction of the show which is “Act One”. This specific scene is important because its one of the first scenes were the characters personality was introduced (she is the one on the right side of the picture.

If more examples needed,message me. use a movie or film that a male would watch.

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