Cloud Computing: Software Development Life Cycle.

Technology development and implementation usually follow a software development life cycle (LSD) methodology that ensures that the right information is provided for analysis and decision making, and the right resources are applied for the most effective and efficient technology management approach.

You and your team members will use the components of the LSD to formulate a life cycle management report to the cloud computing architect of a company. This is a group exercise, representing the kind of collaboration often required in the cybersecurity technology community. The report will include data protection techniques for a cloud-based service. The length of the group report should be 8 double-spaced pages.

There are 11 steps that will lead you through this project, and those steps mirror those in a typical LSD. Most steps of this project should take no more than two hours to complete, and the project as a whole should take no more than three weeks to complete. Begin with the workplace scenario, and then continue with Step 1: initiating the Project.


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