Compare Keogh’s Model and DW Model and discuss how these two models explain the property market.

Module title – Real Estate Economics and Finance.

This module provides an introduction into a set of theoretical principles and practical skills in economics and finance which enable property professionals to develop, manage and grow successful businesses.
Learning Outcomes.
Understand and analyze the structures of property markets including office market, housing market and land market
Assemble information and data from a variety of sources and discern and establish connections;
Identify and critically analyses issues with reference to pertinent argument and evidence;

Critically evaluate current theory and practice in relation to problems associated with organization of projects and teams.
Students are expected to undertake a wide range of reading, especially with reference to current trends in real estate market and real estate financing, to develop their understanding of the use of economics and finance.
Question: Compare Keogh’s Model and DE Model and discuss how these two
models explain the property market.
Refer to appendix 1 for the details of the coursework briefing.

Appendix 1.

Write an essay of no more than 2,500 words (not including the bibliography)
The essay should clearly relate to the question and should provide both the starting point of the discussion and the purpose of the conclusion.
The essay should attempt to include both some general and theoretical discussion and some real world discussion and evidence.
The essay should be well presented and easy to read. It should contain a title page, contents page, sections and section headings.
Annotated bibliography;
As part of the essay you must produce an annotated bibliography on your subject. The bibliography should include all the main references used for this coursework. It is expected that you will carry out a literature search to provide additional material.
About 10-12 references and At least 6 and not more than 8 of the references should be accompanied by brief descriptions, more detailed explanation which both indicate the nature of the material covered by the reference and briefly comment on the usefulness of the source. Each description should be about 80 words.
The bibliography should conform to the Harvard System. Guidance sheets on this referencing system can be obtained from the library.

Marking scheme;
Structure of the paper/ presenting the essay
Introduction – topic to be investigated, main issues to be outlined
Development of theoretical framework- relevant economics theories identified, application of theories, critical analysis of the theories
Review of the literature- critical review of the literature, sufficient number of references to back up theories, referencing min 10 sources but about 6-8 in more detail
use of data to test the theory- data presented being relevant, and to test the theories, sources being reliable.
Conclusion – strands of argument pulled together, related to central question.

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