Complete all of the Required Learning Activities for the week before beginning the homework.

Evidence Based Practice.

These are individual homework assignments that consist of separate submissions as per the course calendar. To fulfill this assignment:

Complete all of the Required Learning Activities for the week before beginning the homework.
Complete the week’s homework using the provided template. Only the provided template will be accepted: all other layouts will be returned for reformatting with the associated late penalty applied.
Each week’s Homework has three parts:
Part I – Following the directions provided on the template, complete the ESP exercise. This is different every week so read the directions on the template for details.
Part II – This part requires you to read and analyze a document provided to you. At the link above, and in the “Semester Topic” folder to the left, you have been provided with examples of different types of evidence. There is one specific example to analyze for each Homework. Using the evidence provided to you for the Homework you are working on, answer the questions listed about the Provided Evidence item (Questions 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d).
Part III – This part requires you to perform a search to find a specific type of evidence on the semester’s topic and answer three questions (3a, 3b and 3c).
Look at the directions in Question 3a to see exactly what type of evidence is required for the homework as it is different and specific each week.
Perform a search and locate the required type of document. (i.e. if the evidence category for the week is government documents, you must locate a specific example of an applicable government document on the topic). Remember! You may not re-use a source from a previous week nor use the provided evidence from a previous or upcoming week as your “located” evidence. Evidence may be no more than 10 years old.
Answer the questions (3a, 3b and 3c) about the item you located.
For the evidence, you locate, you must provide the complete document (not just the abstract). You must attach an electronic copy of the document. You will not receive credit for the evidence if the document is not attached!
No points may be earned for Part III if the type of evidence is incorrect (no partial credit).


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