Critical discussion around the planned methods for the research

An introduction (to research/research proposals).
A proposed aim and set of objectives (no more than 4), (example: Technology ideas, Sustainability ideas, Michelin, Working hours or Brands vs Independents etc).

An introduction (to the research topic area) and a rationale for the study; specifically focusing on the need for/purpose of your research and who/what may benefit as a result of your research.
A critical review of the existing research/literature.
A critical discussion around the planned methods for the research – and secondary methods and may consider the following five areas; overall approach, selection and design of data collection tools, sampling, planned procedures (to include ethical considerations) and data analysis techniques.
A summary/evaluation of the proposal, with recommendations for a full research project.
It is also recommended that you include a title page, contents page, any relevant supporting figures (such as a theoretical framework), a reference list and supporting appendices (if required). Appendices may include a literature matrix or an example research tool (copy of a questionnaire/interview/focus group questions, observation checklist etc.)

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