Demonstrate your understanding of the key elements of the theories and frameworks.

Final assessment: advanced organisation development MA-BM PGI

During the Advanced Organisation Development module you have studied a wide range of theories and academic frameworks in order to broaden your knowledge of organisation theories such as PESTLE and SWOT anlysis, principles and practices. You have also understood the role of the individuals and groups in organisation development.
The focus of this final assignment is on the organisation development and change process in theory and practice. You will look back at the theories, frameworks, and techniques that you have used and evaluate their contribution to the corporation below.

You should write an essay that outlines the following;
Assume that a car manufacturing corporation exports to 52 countries. The corporation has branches in fourteen countries and decides to establish their fifteenth branch in a specific country.

The management board are in conflict as half of the members are with the idea and the other half are against it due to the global economic recession caused by COVID-19. Thus, the CEO is not able to reach a decision due to the conflict among the board members. At the same time, there is a competing corporation in the same industry with a high level of power which is about to enlarge its business and opens a new branch in the same country. This is causing a big threat to the corporation in the market.
Therefore, at this stage the corporation decides to hire you as a consultant to provide a consultation strategy based on the relevant theories and frameworks. From an academic point of view, provide a critical evaluation and analysis of the different approaches of the board and then build your consultation strategy. In addition,

Suggest what strategy has the CEO adopt to end the conflict among the board members and reach a final decision.
Advise on the new branch opening whether it is advantageous at this stage or not.
Recommend a strategy to avoid any conflict with the competing corporation and gain competitive advantage.
The essay to include:

A document with cover page including title page, student names, and group. In addition, it should have the table of content, page numbers, and references

research in the literature
Conduct research in order to explore the organisation development change.
Draw on the literature to develop arguments and discussions.
Demonstrate your understanding of the key elements of the theories and frameworks.

Analyse and decide on your consultation to overcome the situation.
Evaluate and justify your planned change process.
Analyse the conflicting power for the corporation for a competitive advantage.

Provide a paragraph on your main findings from the arguments and discussions and your comprehensive consultation for the change process.

Use of feedback from Assignments ONE and TWO.
A short discussion paragraph that identifies how you used the feedback you received from Assignments 1 and 2 in order to further improve your work for the final Assessment.

Support your discussions and arguments with evidence from the literature.
Include as many in-text citations as necessary.
Full and accurate list of references based on Harvard style (minimum SIX references).

Marks will be awarded for:

Depth of evaluation and analysis of the organisation development research, data and assumptions (25%)
Drawing on relevant theoretical concepts in order to frame your evaluation and to demonstrate your understanding of the change process (25%)

Development of critical personal insights and conclusions (20%)
Citations and presentation of the essay: layout, references, use of English, structure & terminology (20%)
Use of the previous assignments’ feedback (10%)

This assignment is worth 40% of the BMS504 Advanced Organisation Development module.

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