Describe and discuss the types of memory problems that Clive Wearing and what caused them.

This response paper is written in response to the assigned film Clive Wearing: Living without Memory and the course lectures on memory and memory disorders. Here is the link for the video: ( )

SPA Requirements and Academic Writing (5 points)
Minimum length for this paper is 2 pages. The length does not include title, name, date, etc. Title, name, date, course section etc., should appear double spaced on the cover page. The title of your paper should appear centered on the first page of your paper in addition to the cover page.
SPA requirements:
Cover page
Reference list
One (1) reliable source related to the topic (reliable article, book, or scholarly article-no textbooks)
Two (2) in-text citations/ parenthetical citations
Running head
The paper must be typed using:
12-point Times New Roman Font
1-inch top, bottom, left and right margins (This is an SPA deviation)
2-spaces between sentences (double spaced & two spaces between sentences)
Paragraphs: The first line must be indented 0.5” from the left margin
No block paragraphs or justified paragraphs.

Language: Language used should meet academic standards, no slang, colloquialisms, contractions, or foul language. Remember, the language we use when speaking to each other in real life, or in the classroom, is often unsuitable for incorporation into an academic paper.
Organization: A well-organized paper should begin with an introductory paragraph (thesis statement), continue with 2 or 3 body paragraphs, and end with a concluding paragraph.
Clarity & Structure: There should be clear structure within each paragraph (i.e. thesis statement first, followed by supporting information, then a concluding statement).
Grammar & Spelling: Your paper must be clear, coherent, and include proper sentence structure. Papers should be proofread for sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Content (10 Points)
How does the topic fit into the context of the course material that we are learning?
In other words, how does the knowledge gained from the film relate to the textbook readings and course lectures on memory?
Introductory information on memory and amnesia appears in your text book
Provide background information from the film.
Key Points & Learning
What new or interesting information did you learn?
Describe and discuss the types of memory problems that Clive Wearing and what caused them.
Describe and discuss Clive Wearings Procedural Memory
Describe how Clive Wearings Semantic and Episodic Memories work
Discuss how Clive Wearing functions in his daily life
What is his relationship with Deborah like?
Does he have a family and if so, what are those relationships like?
Can Clive Wearing live on his own? Why or why not?
The points you choose to discuss must be presented clearly and accurately.

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