Developing a new brand: Launch your new brand over the next 2 units.

Developing the New Brand  You will be launching your new brand over the next 2 units. Because you have completed research on competitors (IN ATTACHMENT BELOW)—including a Top 100 U.S.-based brand—and received feedback from your colleagues, you have enough information to introduce your brand.
Part 1: Competitive Analysis In this portion of the brand launch, you will cover the following areas:

  • Industry/category analysis
  • Competitive analysis (positioning map)

Part 1 of the Individual Project should be 3 pages in length. Be sure to cite your resources.
Part 2: The StrategyThe strategy will now become more apparent as you begin this section:

  • Brand strategic plan (vision/objectives/strategies/tactics)
  • Target customer segmentation analysis
  • Customer insight (Primary research is required in this case because the brand is fictitious.)
  • Brand essence/equity elements

Part 2 of the Individual Project should be 3 pages in length. Be sure to cite your resources.
Your assignment should contain a cover page, an abstract page, and a reference page in addition to the body. The body of the paper should be 6 pages in length, starting with a brief 1-paragraph introduction and ending with a short conclusion. The entire submission will be 9 pages in length.
Please submit your assignment as a Word document in APA format using the attached TEMPLATE.  Do NOT change the font, page breaks or margins. Using the template without deleting the headings ensures that you cover each segment of the assignment.

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