Discuss any flaws with the article, how you think it could have been better, and what you think it all means.

Masters Criminal Justice Final Exam: Corrections and Methods.

This is a final comp. exam for Criminal Justice. Must conduct a case study on electronic monitoring. 2 rewrites will be required once the graders receive the draft and recommend certain areas they deem necessary to change or alter. Schedule is as follows:

The question and study is:
Electronic monitoring, or surveillance, has become a “fashionable” approach to community supervision of offenders. What are the issues involved in the approach? What are the variations of the technique? What is the evidence of effectiveness?

Next, design a study to assess the effectiveness of electronic monitoring. You need to include the following:
a) Hypotheses to be tested.
b) Sample and sampling method.
c) Method for data collection (e.g, type of research design — field research, experiment, quasi-experiment, surveys, interviews, official data, etc.)
d) Statistical analyses to test hypotheses.

Must be SPA and use scholarly sources. I am thinking 7 or more scholarly SPA sources at least.

There is a minimum requirement of 500 words for the article critique.
Write a summary of the article. This should be one to three paragraphs in length, depending on the length of the article. Include the purpose for the article, how research was conducted, the results, and other pertinent information from the article.
Identify the selection criteria and methods and how they relate to hiring at the organization in the article.
Discuss the meaning or implication of the results of the study that the article covers. This should be one to two paragraphs. This is where you offer your opinion on the article. Discuss any flaws with the article, how you think it could have been better, and what you think it all means.

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