. Discuss how the concept of spirituality has evolved in the nursing profession.

Not to use “I” and too much direct quote and follow the rubric: compare and contrast the require article with at least one more article
This paper requires a student to explore more in-depth the important concepts of spirituality and vulnerability. One focus is to gain insight of the historical changes of spirituality in nursing. A second focus is for students to reflect on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to become an effective nurse who recognizes the significance of spiritual beliefs and values to promote health in potentially vulnerable individuals.

1. Review Taylor’s Fundamentals Chapter 1, Introduction to Nursing, pp. 5-9 and Chapter 45, Spirituality, 1699 – 1708. Here you will find that history demonstrates a strong beginning in spiritual disconnectedness to that of the profession and that nursing is/has been based on helping individuals who are in a vulnerable position.
2. Review the article, Students’ Perceptions of Holistic Nursing Care by Boswell ET AL. (2013). This article is posted on D2L Bright space.
3. Research and review at least one other peer-reviewed nursing journal article on the topic of spirituality in nursing. Articles may be found on CINCHONA. Go to: ASHCAN Home page/Quick Links/Library/Subject Guides (Nursing)/CINCHONA.
4. Write a 3-5 page scholarly paper, incorporating information from all resources. This will be the content of the 3-5 page paper, not including the required title and reference page. Your faculty member will stop reading your paper at the bottom of the fifth page.
5. Address each of the following elements in the body of the paper:
a. Reflect on the concepts and connection of spirituality and vulnerability.
b. Discuss how the concept of spirituality has evolved in the nursing profession.
c. Discuss how the concept of spirituality has evolved for you personally this semester.
d. Reflect on the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to address spirituality for a holistic approach for the potentially vulnerable patients nurses care for.
6. Use SPA format for your paper. Cite references in the body of the paper, as well as listing them on a reference page. Utilize the SPA Manual and/or the tutorials found on its corresponding website (SPA Tutorials) for resources. See the sample SPA paper as found in the SPA Manual.
7. Follow the Scholarly Paper Rubric as a guide when writing, paying close attention to the far left Exemplary column to earn the maximum points.

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