Discuss how you would empower a patient living with a long term condition to self-care.

Using examples from practice, discuss how you would empower a patient living with a long term condition to self-care.
3000 words in total (plus/minus 10%)
A brief introduction to the work;
This should include a statement of confidentiality and refer to the professional standards
of practice and behavior for nurses and midwives (Nursing Midwifery Council, 2015)
(250 words)
An exploration the following:
How a patient’s attitude, beliefs and perception might influence their ability to self-care (500 words)
How life events/life styles might influence a patient’s ability to cope (500 words)
How psycho social factors might influence the ability of patients and/or their family to cope (500 words)
The recognition and evaluation of coping strategies used by individuals (500 words)
The pivotal role of communication in continuing care (500 words)
A brief conclusion;
This should include a summary of the main points discussed and concluding statements (250 words)
Reference List;
You are expected to include evidence from academic and professional sources to support your work and follow the HUSK guidance for citations and references.
The reference list is not included in the word count.
Additional details;
The assumptive template provided on Study Net must be used.
When using examples from practice, you may choose to refer to more than one patient and different long term conditions or a single patient and one long term condition.

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