Discuss the following elements.

– Description and evaluation of the organization culture and a definition of the company framework and its objectives relating to governance and ethics. 25 marks. (The company is still Apple)

– Explanation and evaluation of the company’s socially responsible activities. 30 marks.

– Explanation of the ethical perspective of corporate entity that Apple included in its corporate responsibility report. 30 marks. (If possible, please use the most recent report for it)

– Explanation and justification on why Apple puts so much emphasis on environmental responsibility. 15 marks.

The assignment explains that we have to be able to discuss and explain the fundamental theories and views of governance and ethical theories relating to business, apply them to the case of Apple and use relevant background research, supported by examples, citation and a bibliography in Harvard format.

Please use examples and citations when explaining theories. It is also very important to use current and accurate sources (books, journals, etc.), please always with page numbers. (More or less 20 sources) Please, be aware of using in-text references.

The assignment must include interpretation and consideration of the challenges and issues of taking theory into practice.

The final assignment should be 3,000 words in length. (Word length does not include table of contents, appendices or exhibits). The information is all in detail in the final assignment brief that I have attached.


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