Define and discuss what managing project teams means to you and your professional practice.

Course Topics:

• Groups and Teams
• Conflict Management and Multicultural Teams *
• Ethics *
• Motivation *
• Individual Differences *
• Organisational Strategy, Work and Wellbeing *

Assessment details
In the context of project management, define and discuss what managing project teams means to you and your professional practice.

Submission Structure
Your submission must include two sections: (1) a reflection of 1500 words (-/+ 10% is acceptable and (2) a personal action plan. The action plan is not included in the 1500 word limit.

For the reflection use a minimum of five of the weekly topics (see above for topics) from the course to organise your reflection and relate them to your past, current and future professional practice. Provide illustrative examples from times when you have been in team management roles (either formally or informally) (generic examples will suffice I can provide the rest) . Remember to use at least five recent, relevant, refereed articles to support your identification of development needs and to support your choice of actions to address these needs.

This assessment item is to be presented in an essay style layout using reflective writing style in section 1. Your reflection section (1) is to be written using reflective writing style. For help on reflective writing, go to
and follow the instructions under: Writing an academic reflection. The DEIP process outlined in this Learning Lab will assist you to focus your writing on your learning within this course.

For the personal action plan, select two of the areas that you would like to develop further. Create a personal action plan for the development of these two areas, listing specific actions you could take in the short term – such as over the next month – and a longer-term plan (over the next 6 months – 1 year). (An example of an action plan template is provided)
As a tool to assist with your reflective analysis, create a three-column table:
 In the first column, list each of the topics covered in class.
 In the second column, for each topic identify your own strengths.
 In the third column, identify areas that you would like to develop further.

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