Do we know whether the resident is capable to make his own health care decisions?

Develop 2-4 pages Memorandum to evaluate the managerial issue and to answer the questions. Make sure to provide credible evidence supporting your recommendations and conclusions. Do not copy the case in the memo, but make sure to refer to its number for the faculty to have a reference for grading.

Mr. Parker is an 88-year-old resident of your LTC home with end-stage Alzheimer’s.He is wheelchair bound and spends most of his days sleeping in his wheelchair near a window facing the garden. He needs to be spoon fed but has recently started to refuse to eat. Mr. Parker has three children, one of whom is very involved in the care of her father. The team approaches the daughter about her father refusing to eat, and feels that his refusal is legitimate. Thus, they propose changing the plan of care to palliation. The daughter absolutely refuses, claiming that “you cannot kill my father, I want everything done to keep him living!”
1) What are some of the ethical issues in this case?
2) Do we know whether the resident is capable to make his own health care decisions?

3) Are there any known wishes from Mr. Parker? What would he want? What are his values?

4) Is his daughter the substitute decision-maker? Can she, in this role, demand treatment and expect that you comply?

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