Economies of Scale reply to forums: Explain and describe both internal and external truly clarifies the difference.

Reply 100 words to student jermaine class 352 wk 8 for replying to my post:
As always you killed it.  You really hit some good points and really made me think.  You really have a very in depth post on the economies of scale.  Your explanation and descriptions of both internal and external truly clarifies the difference.  I always thought that economies of scale was a win win situation, however after reading some of these posts I find my mind being open more and looking at it from a different aspect.  Do you see economies of scale as a revolving concept?  Where it will peak at a certain point, fizz down, and then restart up again?
Reply 100 words to instructor class 352 wk 8 :

Thanks for covering the advantages and disadvantages of economies of scale in the transportation industry.  Let’s drill down to  a specific type of company.  There are several small businesses that provide transportation services.  It seems these businesses can suffer financially as a result of limited economies of scale.
Discuss specific examples.

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