Evaluating Trends and Opportunities: Evaluate three general approaches that entrepreneurs use to identify opportunities and generate ideas.

Evaluating Trends and Opportunities

Part 1. Answer the following questions, within 100 words minimum

Need by 8/15/2018

Chapter 1

Cash and Operating Budgets

1. Explain the characteristics of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial firms.

2. Evaluate three general approaches that entrepreneurs use to identify opportunities and generate ideas.

3. Develop a plan to encourage continuous development of new ideas.

Chapter 1

4. What are the primary traits and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs?

5. Do you anticipate that entrepreneurship will continue spreading throughout the world?

6. Do you think its appeal will subside over time?

Chapter 2

7. What are the qualities of a business opportunity?

8. why is each quality important?

Watch a video about entrepreneur and answer the follow question.

9. What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

10. How can an entrepreneur generate and protect business ideas?  Generating and Protecting Business Ideas

Part 2: Entrepreneurial Venture Plan Paper

Need by 8/17/2018

Research two organizations within your state or on the Internet that assist entrepreneurs with the development of new ideas through the use of pitch contests, business accelerators, or other resources or services.

Write 1,050- to 1,400-word paper to showcase what you learned from your research about both organizations.

Describe both firms.

Evaluate the resources and services that each firm provides for entrepreneurs, and explain anything surprising or unique that you found.

Discuss how the firms can assist an entrepreneur to identify market opportunities.

Showcase how these firms encourage the continuous development of new ideas.

Formulate a plan for an entrepreneurial venture, and include strategies that you will employ to identify opportunities and continuously develop new ideas based upon the information that you researched.

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