Executive summary of the key differences in contract formation across the seven legal cultures.

Provide an essay that includes the following contractual legal cultures: (i) English, (ii) German, and (iii) Norwegian, and (iv) Italian, (v) CISSY, (vi) PECK, and (vii) ADROIT.
Create an executive summary of the key differences in contract formation across the seven legal cultures. Be objective and not argumentative or persuasive, simply make the legal rules clear and set out clearly their differences. The summary should include following topics:
1. Comparative Contract Formation, 2. Comparative Contract Interpretation, 3. Comparative reasonableness in contracts, 4. Comparative aspects of ‘good faith’ in alternative legal cultures.
Each sentence must have a footnote where the specific page is given. Only sentences which are common knowledge or own ideas must not have a footnote. (strictly use of OSCEOLA citing style)
• The essay has a total body word count of 3,000 words.
• Title page, table of contents, footnote and citations, and the references/bibliography are not included in the word count.
• All citations must be in OSCEOLA, unless per-approved by the Coordinator to use Blue Book citation formats; no other formats permitted.
• Foreign language legal references should refer and cite to official English language translations when available, otherwise, citation should follow OSCEOLA norms while also presenting translations of titles in English within brackets, these things.

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