Explore the idea of morality by developing a thesis that takes a position related to morality in some way, and you will support this position with examples from at least two of the texts from this unit.

You might choose to focus on one or more specific moral transgressions (this can be one of the ones we discussed in class, or you can come up with your own) that we have read about in this unit. Or, you may also choose to develop a thesis statement by answering a more general question like the ones below.

These are examples; you are free to come up with your own topic as long as the overall topic is morality and you use specific evidence from at least two of the texts to support your ideas. You can also use real-life examples but no personal experience. Outside sources are not needed. Since this is an exemplification essay, your use of relevant examples will be crucial.

You will quote from the readings. Since you are responsible for developing a specific topic, it will be essential that you create a clear, specific thesis to explain your focus.

Here are some questions that might help you when deciding on a topic for this essay:
Are we “good” people?
What does it mean to be moral or immoral? Who decides on these definitions?
Does the definition of morality change depending on the situation?
Why do people behave the way they do?
How do people justify their actions? Are these actions surprising?
Society has certain expectations of its citizens when it comes to morality. Are there times when these expectations are wrong or unreasonable?
How are concepts related to morality more complicated than what some may think? (Consider situations that involve lying, adultery, following authority and/or tradition).

I am using the story “The Storm” by Kate Chopin to use as support for this unit.

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