Guide to Networking Essentials: Examining a Computer’s Boot Procedure.

Complete the following Hands-On Projects of Chs. 1, 2, and 3 in Guide to Networking Essentials.

To complete the Hands-On Projects, follow the project steps using your own computer:

  • Hands-On Project 1-1: Examining a Computer’s Boot Procedure
  • Hands-On Project 1-2: Upgrading a Stand-alone Computer to a Networked Computer
  • Hands-On Project 1-3: 1-3 Viewing Network Software Layers
  • Hands-On Project 1-4: Using ipconfig, ping, and arp
  • Hands-On Project 1-5: Exploring Peer-to-Peer Networking
  • Hands-On Project 1-6: Creating a Shared Folder
  • Hands-On Project 1-7: Transferring a Document to Another Computer
  • Hands-On Project 2-1: Using Wireshark with a Hub
  • Hands-On Project 2-2: Using Wireshark with a Switch
  • Hands-On Project 2-3: Examining Hub and Switch Indicator Lights and Uplink Ports
  • Hands-On Project 2-4: Connecting to a Wireless Access Point
  • Hands-On Project 2-5: Communicating over a Router
  • Hands-On Project 2-6: Using Trace Route to See How Packets Travel Through the Internet
  • Hands-On Project 3-1: Building a Physical Star Topology Network
  • Hands-On Project 3-2: Determining and Changing Your Ethernet Standard
  • Hands-On Project 3-3: Viewing an Ethernet Frame

After completing the hands-on projects, write a 1/2- to 1-page reflection on what you learned. Discuss any areas where you had difficulty as well as areas that were easy for you to complete. How does your current work experience help or not help with networking projects?

Submit your reflection using the Assignment Files tab.

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