“How do we explain people’s behavior?” “What things are most important to the experience of being human?”

Key Terms to be used:
Motive, Emotion, Instinct, drive theories, drive, arousal theory, glucose, insulin, basal metabolic rate, lepton, set point theory, body mass index, obese, self actualization, self determination theory, intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation, TAT, emotional intelligence, interpersonal engagement, amygdala, facial feedback hypothesis, self efficacy.

Motivation asks the questions:
“How do we explain people’s behavior?”
“What things are most important to the experience of being human?”
Emotions asks the questions:
“What factors contribute to the experience of emotion?”
“What is the purpose of emotion?”
In this experiment/lab, you will explore the questions above.  Please review these questions and be sure you understand them prior to beginning (by reading the chapters).
While conducting the lab it is your responsibility to take notes that you believe may answer any of the questions above.
In addition, you should take a close accounting of all observations possible and document them.
2)    Create a hypotheses about which category (found below) will contain the largest numbers AND a statement about why you believe this is so.
3)    You will listen to your radio or MP3 player as usual for the duration of 1 week.
4)    Identify at least 10-20 terms from the readings  to observe for.
5)    You will identify the main topic/subject for each song.  For example the song Sexual Healing by Marvin Gay is about SEX.
6)    You will quantify your finding using categories.  Limit your categories to the following main subject.
a.    Love/ or other Emotions.
b.    Sex.
c.    Food.
d.    Work.
e.     Other.
7)    You will complete a frequency distribution, and the mean, median, and mode for each category
8)    You will then write up a reaction paper to your observation, identifying in BOLD the terms that apply to your reading.
9)    Your paper should be 2-3 pages of text typed double-spaced in times new roman font with 1-inch margins.  DO NOT include a title page name etc.  Names are automatic when submitted through CANVAS.
10)You will need your notes for the discussion forum.
11)Notes should include;
a.    Descriptive statistical data from your observation.
b.    Titles and content of songs.

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