How does intersectionality explain the experience of women, black and minority ethnic, gay and lesbian people?

In the essay students have to be critical for example what did beverage not do right? you critic. Drawing from socialist/ Marxist feminism, Radical feminism, Black/ anti Racist feminism.
Learning outcomes:
1} Identify the various layers of power, oppression and discrimination.
2}Evaluate the commonality and interactions of multiple oppression.
3}Evaluate theories underpinning inequality particularly sexism, disable, ageism and racism.
4}Identify the contentious and complex nature of power and oppression and and the broader dimensions of inequality.
5}Demonstrate the linkages between personal experiences of oppression and disable, ageism, sexism and racism.
Readings from: Handbook disability studies (2001), Women oppression and social work (1992), Developing anti-oppressive practice with older lesbian women and gay men in British journal of social work (2001) pg 917-932, Race and Ethnicity in modern Britain (2000)

Web: National organization for women report on political and social issues.

Journals: Disability and society Ethnic and Racial studies.
Referencing from a news paper like the Guardian is OK.
# Harvard referencing ( in 150 words there should be a reference)
#2500 words.

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