Impact of Increased Numbers of Physician Extenders on Rate of Patient Diagnosis and Referral.

  1. This study will need to use secondary data retrieved from the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey I have included a link to the data there ( ).
  2. The theoretical framework for this study should be the Theory of Constraints. I have attached an updated Prospectus for reference.
  3. There were very few citations for statements made in the draft that referenced statistics and claims from other organizations. Will these citations be added?

Let me know what additional information I can provide to assist with this process. I appreciate everything that has been done so far and would greatly appreciate receiving continuous updates.


  1. There seems to be a continued focus on readmission rates, however I am not sure the data source has readmission as a data point that we will be able to utilize.
  2. There are many statements in the draft that appear to need the support of a citation, I just want to be sure plagiarism is avoided.



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