literature review

Given the research question  Can integration of arts in the curriculum promote student engagement among senior students? use the attachment and add the references it is missing. The note below will tell you exactly how many of which source this should have.
10 references including our 2 textbooks.  The literature review assignment should focus on references that specifically speak to your research question and topic, which 8 of your references do.  If you add 2 more sources other than our textbooks, I will add points. 
Find at least 5 scholarly journal articles, 2 books, and 1 website that detail research or information about some aspect of your topic (these numbers are a minimum; to achieve the highest points possible, go beyond the minimum by having at least 10 total references in at least 3 different mediums — i.e. journal articles, books, websites, newspaper articles, dissertation studies, etc).
Journal articles:
Kuh – Student engagement
Lawless – Integrating technology
Umbach – Student learning and engagement
Appleton – Student engagement
Gullatt – Arts and gains
Hetland – Arts and academic achievement
Carini – Student engagement and learning
George – Arts – Washington Post
Below is the original directions just for clarity:
Now that you have decided on a topic and narrowed it down to a question that can be researched:
1. Determine the data that you will need to collect. Discuss your quantitative and/or qualitative options.
2. Explain in detail the methods you would take to gather the data you believe will be critical to answering your research question.
3. Explain in detail the methods with which you would organize and analyze the data you would collect.
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