Demonstrate and discuss the actual and potential implications of the various factors on the organisation.

Given your knowledge in economic theory, you have been asked to write a report where you critically assess the micro- and macro-economic conditions in which the organisation operates. It is particularly important to demonstrate and discuss the actual and potential implications of the various factors on the organisation. It is also expected, that you refer to and implement appropriate economic and trade theory in your discussion.

Your report needs to include the following steps:

– The assessment of the competitive environment requires you to identify, analyse and interpret industry specific figures.

– The macro-economic analysis should be based on a critical assessment of a range of national and international macro-economic performance indicators.

– From the above analysis, derive a comprehensive conclusion, which evaluates the current position of the chosen organisation within the international market and provide an outlook/ scenario with respect to future organisational decisions and/ or developments.

Furthermore, the management team has also specifically asked you to comment on ONE of the challenges on the global economy identified by the IMF in the World Economic Outlook report:

– possible growth in trade barriers as a trade war looms between the USA and China and as Russia faces growing trade sanctions
– a growth in world government and private debt levels, which at 225% of global GDP are now higher than before the financial crisis of 2007–9.
– slow growth in labour productivity combined with aging populations in developed countries and the rise in AI and robotics.
– long-term trend to greater inequality, especially in developed economies.

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