New and innovative treatments for cancer

Create a presentation with audio (PowerPoint or Prezi) covering a  single topic related to a particular disease or method of treatment. The  purpose of the presentation is not to repeat basic information about  the topic, but to do some outside research and discuss about it from a  specific angle, so as to gain a deeper understanding of that particular  topic. Below are some examples of topics that are inappropriate because  they are too vague, or too broad, and some examples of topics that would  fit the assignment.

Inappropriate Appropriate    Cancer New and innovative treatments for cancer   Breast Cancer
Mastectomy or lumpectomy? Which one is better? How women choose.   Heart Disease
The relationship of diet to CAD. Does red wine really help?   Diabetes New methods for delivering insulin to diabetic patients   Anemia
Do vegetarians run a higher risk of developing anemia?

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