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This is a group assignment (Australian Taxation law).

Candidates must apply the DIRAC principle when addressing the relevant issues (i.e. I= Identify the key issues, R= Cite the relevant legislative provisions and case law (rules) where appropriate, A = apply the relevant rules to the facts presenting arguments for and against and C = form a conclusion based on your stronger argument).
Upon reading the case study please identify the taxation issues for only Strategic Business Transactions & Key Client Matters (No. 4 to 6 only). This is my part.
For this 2 problems identify all relevant tax issues, critically analyses and applies the taxation treatment to the issues, i.e., you will need to argue and support your view and consider differing views (if applicable), and finally, indicate your recommended action based on your better view, i.e., your conclusion (DIRAC principle).

There are documented positive correlations between effective parental engagement and high student achievement. Successful leaders make parents partners and create a structure for parents and educators to work together. Read the article, “Unlocking Families Potential: A Conversation with
Karen L. App” by Theirs (2017). Reflect on ways your school seeks to foster “role construction” and address barriers between teachers and families. What are some suggestions you could make for increasing the level or quality of parental engagement in your school? How might this article
inform your work on your II?

Excel Project #2 requires that you prepare a 10-column work sheet for the year, a Multiple-step Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, and a Balance Sheet. The specifics for this Project can be found on the Project File attached to this assignment.

The adjusted trial balance for Dakota Enterprises as of December 31, 2016 can be found on the Excel Project 2 file attached below. Additional Information necessary to complete the work sheet is also listed on that work sheet.

Complete the 10-column worksheet using Excel. The 10 columns include the following:

Adjusted Trial Balance – Debit and Credit.
Adjustments – Debit and Credit.
Adjusted Trial Balance – Debit and Credit.
Income Statement – Debit and Credit.
Balance Sheet – Debit and Credit.

When preparing your spread sheets, be sure that you consider the following:
Use a font style that is professional and consistent.
Size fonts properly.
Format the amounts using the accounting format.
Be sure that the amounts line up properly.
Be sure to use the proper underlining.
Align all items correctly.
Be sure to include proper indentation.
For any items that involve a mathematical computation, you are required to enter a formula. For example, on the Adjusted Trial Balance columns, enter the formula to compute the “Adjusted” balance; on the Income Statement, be sure to use formulas for all totals and subtotals.
When preparing the financial statements, do not simply enter the amounts from the completed work sheet use a formula that refers each amount to the related cell on the worksheet. By doing this, any change you make on the worksheet will automatically up the financial statements.

This above list is an example of the items that you are to consider. Remember that you are required to present these financial statements to management and ultimately to the board of directors – and the method of presentation is important.
Find the attached Excel file where all the work can be done on the same file and contains additional information in the introduction tab about the project. Let me know if you have any questions.


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