Personality Test Reflection of Personality Theories.

Complete the following tests:

Test 1:
Test 2:
Test 3:
Print a .PDF file or take a screenshot of your results. Please be sure to include these documents as part of your assignment submission.

You should also include a one-page reflection for each personality test. A reflection may include whether you think the test results were an accurate depiction of you, what you thought of the test questions, or thoughts on the trait being measured.
Needs Cover Page, Test Results and Analysis, Test Documentation.

Should we protect biodiversity and prevent species extinction, or is species extinction inevitable and we should just learn to live with it? How does the extinction of other species affect us?

To receive full credit I expect you to use at least four of the resources that have been provided. They should be properly cited within the text of your essay and be properly listed in a reference list (i.e. works cited page). Your essay should be 4-5 pages in length not counting the reference list. Please consult the syllabus and all of the other relevant documents and links that have been provided to you on plagiarism and SPA formatting.

Reminder: The University’s policy on Plagiarism

These are the 4 resource that should be use on the paper
1.In Defense of Biodiversity: Why Protecting Species from Extinction Matters,
BY C A R SA F I N A • F FEBRUARY RY 1 2, 201 8.

2.Should Some Species Be Allowed to Die Out? by Jennifer Khan

3.We don’t need to save endangered species.
Extinction is part of evolution.
The only creatures we should go out of our
way to protect are Homo sapiens.By R. Alexander Peron November 22.
R. Alexander Peron is the Robert F. Briggs Associate Professor of Biology at the George Washington University.

A new look at preserving biodiversity ..By Hilary Rosier.

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