Pharmacological Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice.

As an advanced practice nurse, it is important to diagnose, treat, and evaluate patients who have chronic disease. A nurse must understand how pathology, treatment, regimens, and psycho-social issues affect patients and the care they receive. Disease management is more than just monitoring a medication or treatment; it is evaluating the disease process from the micro to macro level. As a nurse with an advanced degree, you will be expected to assess patients and individual and population responses to chronic illness.

For this assessment, I will investigate pharmacological issues related to a specific disease process. I choose to investigate asthma. As part of this assessment, I will analyze the various impacts the disease process has on the patients, their families, and populations at a local, national, and international level.

Attached there are 2 example essays, one is Asthma and one is Diabetic. I also write a little Tips in the assignment paper.Follow the assignment every single detail and look at the RUNIC that’s how the assignment get grade.


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