pre-proposal assignment

You will find two appropriate journal articles to complete this unit’s discussion question. These should be different articles from the ones you for the first two weeks. Use the Capella library to locate two recent (no more than five years old) peer-reviewed journal articles that you may also incorporate into your pre-proposal assignment. Locate one experimental or quasi-experimental study and a study that uses one of the predictive designs discussed in the course text. Use the Finding Articles by TYPE guides from the Capella library to learn how to find experimental and nonexperimental research articles.
After studying the introduction to this unit and completing the study activities, briefly compare the uses of the research designs employed in the studies. What is each research design used to determine (for example, relationships between variables, differences among groups)? For one of the quantitative studies, summarize how the sampling, data collection, and data analysis procedures worked together to address the hypothesis. The post should be written in your own words, not direct quotes from the article. Incorporate material from the course text in a meaningful way.
The suggested length for this post is 400–500 words.
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