Preparing for job interview script


  1. tell me about yourself

My motto is to do what I can do well and to be able to do it better than anyone else
Good afternoon. I’m very pleased to calling you. My name is so hee LIM.
.I worked as a nurse in the ward and operating room, but since I was young, I have been challenging my clinical research work which I thought was a dream and fit me better.
I did what I expected to do, so I was able to enjoy my work and do better.
Although I am enjoying CRC work now, I am interested in other tasks related to clinical trials
I want to develop and grow my own self in company where I want to carry out clinical studies more professionally and to learn..
(I’m positive that I can be a great fit for your company). thank you for listening.

  1. why do you want this job?

this is somethig that I have always wanted to do.
I realized what I want to do and what suits my personality.
Although I enjoyed my current job, I would now like a career that is more challenging, varied and excting.
I believe my own personal qualities would suit the role of study starter.
this is something that I would enjoy doing this. .
I have no doubt in saying that PPD company is the best CRO in the world.
I would be proud to work such a prestigious company.
3.whyshould I hire you?
You should hire me because I have the responsibility of clinical trial research
I worked in the internal medicine department of the digestive system, mainly in the national research, but I did not have a sponsor for the national research, so the overall research was only carried out by the CRA in the hospital. In particular, our hospital was the host of the research, relying on each other with CRA, working together to submit to IRB and simple monitoring, and presenting the research as representative at the study coordinator workshop. I understand the minds of other researchers and I know their task as well as the CRC task, so I can adapt and learn more easily than anyone else.
The person who recommended me is Mikang Kim. she is a colleague who worked at the Samsung medical center. Her disadvantage is that she is very strict about his work, so she does not accept any mistakes. This weakness can be stressful to her, but it is also an advantage because it does the job perfectly. I also had the same disadvantages and I could get along well .


When I first started working as a nurse, I received an annual salary of about over 42 million won. As a whole, I have been working for 4 years and since I have been working as a crc for two years, I think that I should get a lot more than when I am new recruits. i would like to receive more than 42 million won.
i’m a well prepared multitasker in any situations and flexible person while working with others.
in fact, I worked as a nurse more than a year and learned how to manage the patient’s need by listening carefully and the work load at the emergency room.
so I’m good at adapting to changes in the environment easily and dealing with any problems.
My disadvantage is that I am strict to myself. I worry about even minor mistakes, so I try to work perfectly. Most of my time, I usually making a note of repeated mistakes and trying to fix them right away. In addition, I exercise and walk and try to think positively and relieve stress.
7.when can you start work.
actually, now that I do not have studies in digestive medicine department, I have been transferred to transplantation surgery, so I have been working within a few months since I started working, so I do not want to be harmed by all collegues who work with my professor.
I want to be able to take over the business in a relaxed and complete manner.

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