Research Paper

Research Paper
Why were extreme ideologies so popular in various areas of the world in the 20th century? Using at least two of the resources below and your text, please write a three-page paper describing three kinds of “extreme” ideologies and their relationship between violence and popularity.  And, reflecting upon: How was it possible for kind, normal people to find hope in authoritarianism or totalitarianism? Try to synthesize both what the sources are saying or showing with some commentary of your own in order to answer the questions.
Lev Kopelev, The Education of a Believer:
The 25 Points of Nazism:
Klink, To be German is to be Strong:
Benito Mussolini, What is Fascism?:
Soviet Posters from the 1920s:
Images from Popular Nazi Rallies:
Your sources throughout your paper must be cited properly using APA style conventions – both reference page citations and in-line citations.

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