Research Paper about Veterans (Former Military Service) in Prison and their needs as Special Needs Offenders.

Connect lesson material from three textbook chapters to your research. Identify/explain what matched and what was different (e.g., clientele, BBB, Cos, etc). For example: Does an elderly SON also overlap as a death row SON and substance abuse SON?
3. Utilize at least three (3) other resources (these could include interviews, videos, book, magazines, internet articles, etc.) for this paper.

Include information on the following:
a. Characteristics of the Veteran Special Needs Offenders (SON).
b. Special issues/problems of the SON.
c. Incarceration issues.
d. Community issues.

a. Was the experience what you expected?
b. What surprised you during the experience (if anything)?
c. How did the experience fit with course lesson material?; and
d. Any other thoughts about the experience (personal and academic are both OK).

DR1K 35: Sound Production Practice 2

LO2 Assessment – Written Report.

The written report should be around 900 words, and must include the following:

♦ justification of the microphone choice in relation to the production brief and audio source to be recorded. Reference should be made to microphone frequency response, type (eh dynamic, condenser), polar response pattern and sensitivity.

♦ justification of the microphone array arrangements in relation to the production brief.
Reference should be made to the suitability of the array(s) used in relation to the brief.
♦ an explanation of phase anomalies, in relation to microphone and loudspeaker arrangements, with regard to image perspective and timing. This should contain information on the main characteristics (localization, perspective and phase anomalies) of different array arrangements (eh coincident pairs, spaced pairs, near coincident, spot microphones and binaural arrays). For speaker arrangements, explanation should be of the number of speakers used, their frequency response and their set-up angle in relation to image perspective and timing for the listener.

♦ an explanation of the mix down process including: channel busing, panning, equalization and speaker placement in relation to the surround format selected. This should include a detailed account of the mix down process in reproducing an accurate representation of the audio source.

1:Justification of microphone choice.
2:Justification of the microphone array arrangements.
3:Explanation of phase anomalies.
4.Microphone Arrangement.
5.Loudspeaker Arrangement.
6: The mix-down process

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