Research paper for an art history class on Classical Mythology.

This is a research paper for an art history class on Classical Mythology. I have research paper guidelines which I am providing, as well as the sample paper that was provided. The paper must reference specific pieces of art, which have to be displayed, separately one per page. I can insert these myself if need be, but they must be referenced in the paper. The basic guidelines are:
·3,000 words minimum (10-11)
·At least 5 academic sources, must be consulted and listed in a bibliography (no internet sources).
·Chicago Manual Style.
·Footnotes in lieu of parenthetical citations.
·Times New Roman in 12-point font, double spaced.
·Margins no more than 1” (all sides).
·Name, instructor, course title and date on the title page.
·Illustrations and bibliography after main text.


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