“Research, present and examine the importance of the ‘marketing process’ with particular regards to the relationship between marketing objectives (strategy) and marketing tasks (tactics). How does this affect an organizations ability to create value for stakeholders?”

Start from an outline:

• Do not write until you have researched (theoretical and empirical evidence) the topic(s) thoroughly • What is an outline? – It is NOT a list of contents – It is “a general description or plan showing the essential features of something but not the detail”

1 Start from ‘marketing planning’

• Talk about marketing planning in detail – Depth and understanding of process • Explain the relationship between marketing strategy and marketing tactics • Analyze the difference between long-term and short-term orientation • Discuss why and how value can be generated by solid marketing planning

2 Start from ‘marketing strategy’

• Talk about marketing strategy in depth – Long-term direction and objectives • Explain the connection between marketing strategy and marketing planning – I.e. MS stems from analysis, and is articulated into tactics (and actions) • Discuss why and how value can be generated by a logical marketing strategy

3 Start from ‘marketing tactics’

• Discuss marketing tactics critically – Short-term implementation of marketing strategy • Examine the role of marketing tactics in relation to strategy (and as part of a plan) • Highlight downsides of acting tactically instead of using tactics (to implement MS) • Discuss why and how value can be generated with marketing tactics

As a rule of thumb…

• Introduction – Put emphasis on important elements, which are then developed in the Body of your work – Don’t waste time with irrelevant facts e.g. a company history, paraphrasing the brief • Body – Make key points according to your outline – Select and drill down on critical areas of knowledge – Use examples of good vs. bad practice(s)

• Conclusion – Narrow down your writing to a final, powerful argument stemming from points made earlier – Avoid summarizing things (unless they help with the final argument)


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