Rhetorical Analysis of Ron Paul’s “Farewell to Congress Speech”

For this paper, you will choose an article, speech, or essay, and analyze the rhetorical strategies and techniques used for effectiveness. The purpose of this assignment is to think and write critically about a text. The skills you use in this exercise will also apply to the image you analyze for your visual analysis essay and the research you use in your Academic Argument essay. Your rhetorical analysis essay should address the rhetorical strategies employed by the author (Argument! is a useful resource for this). Among the things you should include in your essay are: • Your thesis or argument about the elements of rhetoric the author used • Appeals (and whether they are effective/ineffective to a specific audience) • Tone • Rhetorical Strategies (not all, but enough to support your argument) • Examples from the text • Brief summary • How successful the strategies implemented are in persuading a particular audience

Choose an approach and be selective: you cannot cover all of these elements in a single paper. You must have a thesis—a single main point you wish to make— about the visual and elements of its rhetoric. You might, for example, write a thesis that addresses a single important technique, a few of the central strategies used, or the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the visual in achieving its purpose for a particular audience, using selected criteria. It is fine to have a nuanced thesis that does not conclude the essay is entirely good or entirely bad. While you should include a very brief summary of what the visual looks like, summary should only be a small portion of your essay, and you should concentrate on developing your argument/thesis about the essay, using evidence and insight to support your claim. Remember, a well-written conclusion will go beyond simply repeating and summarizing your analysis by showing the point of the technique deployed by the author or speaker. If the body of your rhetorical analysis explains how a rhetorical work achieved a particular effect, the conclusion is where you can step back to articulate why the writer or speaker chose that technique and what the effect accomplishes for his audience.
Reference: https://www.infowars.com/ron-pauls-farewell-to-congress-speech-transcript/
Ensure you remain neutral. Only supposed to say what tools and methods are used and if they were effective, not if you agree or not

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